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Find an Orthodontist You Trust

With clear aligners, certain things can be done well and other things can’t.  Each patient needs to be examined to determine what they really need for their final outcome.  If you want Invisalign, or any other clear aligner, put yourself in the hands of a good orthodontist who you trust (NOT a dentist).  This orthodontist should look at the case your mouth presents, take X-rays, moulds of your teeth, and take the time to study your case to figure out the best treatment plan for you to have an excellent result.  If clear aligner treatment fits that requirement, great.  If not, let the orthodontist you trust help you find a type of treatment that you like that will let you get the best result possible at the end of treatment.  Lots of things are said about clear aligners (in an effort to sell, which is fair) but let’s be sure that you are going to have the results that you want because in the end, long after treatment is over, if your teeth look great you’ll be glad you did it.

Invisalign – Limitations They Don’t Tell You About

Certain tooth movements can be done with removable devices like Invisalign, and some can not.  Clear aligners can tip teeth, but it can not move teeth bodily.  “Bodily” means moving the whole tooth, through the bone, to where you want to get to.  Devices that are fixed (attached to your teeth, like braces) can do this bodily movement.

Clear aligners like Invisalign may take longer than braces, despite what they advertise.  Some companies, like Invisalign, attempt to move teeth bodily by attaching ‘buttons’ to your teeth.  As long as the device itself is removable, this doesn’t work.

Buy Canada and USA, not Costa Rica

Invisalign is not the only clear aligner provider.  TP Orthodontics, Great Lakes Orthodontics and many others design and manufacture them.  Most providers hire trained technicians in the US to fabricate their aligners.  Invisalign hires untrained laypeople in Costa Rica to fabricate their aligners.  This is just another reason that when it comes to clear aligners, Invisalign is not my first choice.