Super Orthodontist! Super Staff! Quality Care! The best out there! Glad we found Dr. Schacher!


Took my children to Dr. Schacher as a second opinion…had previously been told by another orthodontist that both of my children would need jaw surgery in addition to braces with a cost of $20,000.00… Dr. Vic Schacher did not recommend this avenue of treatment for either of my children…other dentists have commented on the skill and quality of workmanship performed by Dr. Schacher. This only reinforces my confidence in my decision to choose Dr. Schacher as my children’s orthodontist.


Probably one of Brant County’s true gems. From the other orthodontist’s I’ve checked out in the area none compare to Dr. V … Truly one of the most knowledgeable and outgoing doctors I have met.


This doctor has accomplished what four others were not able to do. He has reduced by TMJ pain (caused by my car accident) to almost nothing. My dentist said he was terrific. I’m glad I believed him. TERRIFIC!