Your First Visit

We Are Your Treatment Coordinators

Welcome to Schacher Orthodontics

At Schacher Orthodontics, each patient is assigned a Treatment Coordinator.  It is our job to guide you through your first few visits, explain your orthodontic treatment and answer any questions you may have along the way.  We are excited to start this journey with you and we absolutely love to see the the smile on your face when your final results are revealed.  In an effort to make your first few visits a little easier, we’ve written this guide to show you all the things you can expect from your first visits at Schacher Orthodontics.  Ok, let’s begin!

Visit #1 – Your Examination

When you arrive for your first visit, you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist Carol and Debbi.  They will sign you in and shortly after that you will meet your Treatment Coordinator.  We’ll give you a quick office tour (including our awesome movie theatre) and bring you to one of our dental assistants who will be taking your records.  Records include a picture, some x-rays and impressions of your teeth.  

Once your records are complete your TC will go over your dental history. You will tell us what your concern with your smile is so that we can help you get the smile you want – we want you to be proud of your pearly whites!

Time to meet Dr. Schacher!  Dr. Schacher shall examine your mouth and assess how your bite fits (or doesn’t fit) together.  He will measure your overbite, overjet, and all sorts of other things and your TC will be there with you writing everything down.

Sometimes we have a little fun too!

Now Dr Schacher has some homework to do.  He will review your records (x-rays, photos, models) and his examination to come up with a treatment plan that is just right for you.

Visit #2 – Consultation

At this appointment you will meet with your Treatment Coordinator.  You will get to see your X-rays, photos and orthodontic models as well as a list of problems Dr. Schacher has found.   We’ll present you with the personalized treatment plan Dr. Schacher has created for you, explain every step, and answer all of your questions.  Once you are ready we’ll go over the financials to make things as easy for you as we can. Now you’re all set to start treatment, and your Treatment Coordinator will set up your very first orthodontic appointment for you.  Your journey has begun!

Your Treatment Coordinators: Ashley, Daniela and Heather!